8Why now? Why this way? Why should you care? Tough questions…

I have always believed in doing something that matters and in making a difference. The work I do should matter and mean something more than just a way to pay the bills.

I believe in taking the path less traveled. In not blindly following the herd. To stand out, To ask “WHY”. Why now? Why this way? Why not?

For as long as I can remember I have been motivated to seek answers and to try new things. Not just things I’ve never done before, but things that have NEVER been done before. It can be lonely, going it alone. It can be scary too – going where there is no map to guide you. But the thrill of answering the WHY questions is also powerful. The sense of satisfaction from seeing a vision of “what could be” – that no one else can imagine – and then charting my own path from here to there – well, it’s addictive really.

It’s also a great workout: it builds capacity, creativity and innovative ways of thinking about ‘what is’ and ‘how things work’. I chase wisdom. I break new ground and then I share what I’ve learned. I am a trailblazer, a storyteller. I lead. I see things that never were and chase them into being.

I take a tiny spark of an idea and build it into a roaring fire, a beacon to others in the dark. I believe that nothing is impossible. I believe there are no dead-ends. That if someone tells you “NO”, you’re either asking the wrong question, or talking to the wrong person. I push boundaries. I reject the status quo.

I ask WHY. And then I create a roadmap for others to join me in the chase. I do work that matters, and my hope is that it also inspires.

Find your spark and start a fire now!